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Meet Peter Mutharika’s daughter…can she be the reason he is in the US?


For long, the Peter Mutharika family question has been under controversy. While Mutharika has argued that he was once married and his wife died leaving him with three children, others have said Mutharika is a plain liar and has no family.

However, news has started emerging of one of Mutharika’s children, Moyenda, who is a practising attorney. Who is Moyenda really?

Moyenda Mutharika Knapp
Moyenda Mutharika Knapp

Moyenda Mutharika Knapp concentrates in business litigation, with an emphasis in handling employment, insurance and municipal liability matters. She is co-chair of the firm’s Municipal practice group.

In her employment law practice, Ms. Knapp defends employment discrimination cases on behalf of employers, elected officials, and municipalities. She deals with matters concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, racial discrimination, reverse racial discrimination, gender discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and termination due to claims of First Amendment retaliation. She has represented clients before administrative agencies, such as the Illinois Human Rights Commission, and in state and federal courts.

She also represents municipalities and police officers in matters ranging from alleged civil rights violations, such as excessive force, to actions filed against municipalities alleging violations of the Freedom of Information Act and Local Government Prompt Payment Act. Ms. Knapp’s commercial litigation practice includes representing businesses in handling breach of contract cases and Carmack Amendment matters. In her insurance coverage practice, she represents insurers, brokers and agents in declaratory judgment and breach of contract actions throughout litigation and trial.

Ms. Knapp stays abreast of recent legal decisions by writing a column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin entitled Legal Look. Since 2005, she has been an adjunct professor at Northwestern University School of Law, teaching Trial Advocacy and Civil Discovery to second and third year law students. She is also a certified arbitrator in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, Court Annexed Mandatory Arbitration Program.


  1. What I have been wondering is whether Peter Mutharika very sick and seeing doctors in the US. It seems likely, after all his brother dropped dead in office. Why else would he be out at this time?

  2. Poor journalism. The story’s caption and it’s content are irrelevant.
    You could have simply informed us that, finally, you managed to ‘google’ Moyenda Mutharika Knapp.
    The fact is, Peter Mutharika is not suitable to lead Malawi because ndi mtchona, his heart belongs to the USA where he has lived for over 40 years, pays his taxes and has his family.
    Currently he is in the USA to file for his income tax returns.
    Atigwiritsa chiphwisi ameneyu.

  3. the fact is this is not his daughter. How long does it take to know kids of aspiring presidential candidate? Is there love if its true between the father (peter) and the kids? Do not fool malawians.

  4. eeee amalawi musalimbane ndi hiz children…whats the point.kaya ndi ana ake kaya ndi ana ake sizikukhuzana ndi election…kukhala ndi ana mazana mazana,kaya akazi fifty,kaya umatani sizikukhuzana ndi kuimila u president..musawatoze ana asiyeni abwerera zawo..kuvota sitikuvotera family ai kapena matanyula no we r voting for munthu wanzeru,someone who will change malawi for the better…inu ngati mukufuna loko its your choice thoz who want chimanga its also their choice…musalimbane ndi ana mwasowa chochita kukamba zopusa…mulibe mfundo makosana…nkhani ili pa 20 May payekhapayekha so musavutike…sitikufuna zomangomva mfundo yomwe yomweyo yopanda mutu….Malawi will be ruled by a matured,well educted,a man with a vision..osati zomangolalata mmisokhano ngati bulutu…kodi muku votera mantha ?chani?


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