Chipani Cha Pfuko (CCP) leader, Davies Katsonga, who a week ago went advertising that his party was looking for political partners to form an alliance with in the face of the May elections, has said that it is only an alliance of the United Democratic Front and Malawi Congress Party including his own Chipani Cha Pfuko that can dislodge President Banda.

Speaking to a local radio station, Katsonga said that it was impossible for a single party to dislodge the current President despite her government being dogged by the infamous Cashgate scandal.

Katsonga then disclosed that, according to his view, only an alliance of the two mentioned parties stood the chance to win the elections. However, he was quick to add, that the two parties could only be certain of a victory if they add Chipani Cha Pfuko on the list as, by them alone, they could hardly manage their way through.

Chipani Cha Pfuko has been labeled as a briefcase party by some other quarters but, of late, it has seen defections from other parties that have included the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Peoples’ Progressive Movement (PPM) of his brother, Mark Katsonga.

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  1. Davis Katsonga, do not show desperations for alliances which are not necessary. Just work hard in the field.

  2. United we stand, divided we fall. Putting the petty politics aside, why can’t more parties unite. He is right in that without a serious alliance, JB will win…and maybe that’s good for Malawi because then she will be free to choose her own people, and not have to rely heavily on ex-DPP and ex-UDF to keep a government that can pass bills in parliament… But maybe JB winning will not be that good for Malawi considering too many fingers in re cashgate have pinted to the top. So maybe Malawi needs new leadership. Although I’d argue that Malawi needs new Younger and more united and ‘servant’ leadership, not ‘god-like stooges’


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