2014 elections will have four winners, at least that is the message one gets when he takes time to listen to all the stories the prophets are putting across in as far as the results of the elections are concerned.

According to a discovery by FaceofMalawi, at least four prophets have come out to declare what God — or even gold — has proven to them as the winner of the elections.

Last Monday, Galaxy FM conducted an interview with one Lilongwe based prophet Austin Liabunya who in certainly clear terms indicated that Mutharika will win the elections. This was not his first time to indicate thus. Liabunya said that God had showed him in a vision that a brother to a former President will win the elections and rule the nation.

So far, on the names put up for the race, Mutharika cuts across.

However, not to be outsmarted, another prophet from Mzuzu has come up with his prophecy that eventually has President Banda smiling. Prophet Bentry Chawinga has indicated that God has said that the current President will continue ruling after 2014. Earlier, Chawinga had declared that the tenure of the President was not stretching beyond 20 May. Suddenly, God had changed his mind.

And, those are not the only two prophecies…

An Apostle Stephano Phiri from Zomba has, however, propelled Chakwera as the man meant for the President. The man said that God had showed him that a born-again christian will win the Presidency.

The Zomba god, however, has opted to not only speak to one man but two and to each of them separate things pertaining to the same issue for a Prophet Joshua from the same district has indicated that God had showed him that a son to a former President will win the presidency. So, unless Jumani comes in to contest then it is Atupele who has been seen in the prophecy.

One can only imagine how four Presidents will be sworn in after the May 20 polls.

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  1. ndiye milunguyo ilipo ingati? nanga mulungu oonayo ndiutu? mukakhuta Bonya nkukozedwa pogona mukadzuka basi kumati mwayankhula ndi mulungu afiti inu.

  2. It sounds ridiculous because we do not have many true gods. There is only one true God who knows everything in advance. Occurencies do not make Him change what he had decreed. The variations of messages from the so called prophets simply expose their standing in relation to the true God. My advice to Malawians is that they must assess if their men are of God or of gold. T5ake care!

  3. They are not prophets, we may ruther call them profits bcoz this z exactly what they are looking for. They get profits fom the politicians in return after their fake prophecies.


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