The South African artist Berita Khumalo will on Sunday, March 2 perform at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe and the artist will be sharing the stage with Lawi.

The Eastern Cape-based singer is on an African tour after being crowned “Queen” of African pop for her debut Album ‘Conquering spirit’ at last year’s metro fm music Awards.

According to South Africa’s Dispatch online newspaper , the Zimbabwean born singer is expected to leave Johannesburg for Malawi next Tuesday.

” The tour is basically about putting brand Berita out there and marketing my music, so I will be enjoying interacting with different crowds during my performances  and learning and teaching something new everywhere I go.

I just want to go around and find inspiration, work with other established musicians and leave a mark”, reported the Dispatch.

The 22-year -old young star, who is currently working on her next album, indicated while in Malawi, she will be recording a song with a Malawian feel.



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