The magistrates court sitting in Blantyre this afternoon has just acquitted Malawi Voice editor, Justice Mponda, on extortion charges he was being accused of by the state as propagated by the first family.

Mponda was arrested on the grounds of extortion after it was alleged that he had been promised half a million to take down a story that connected the first family to the Cashgate scandal.

It was said that the first family through a member of the PP executive, Joseph Chikwemba, contacted Mponda to take down the story in exchange for half a million and Mponda really did the act but instead of being paid he was arrested by the police where he had gone to collect his money.

The state had hired two private lawyers to prosecute Mponda who had been locked up behind the bars for over a week just after his arrest before being charged or taken to court.

Through the hearing it was established that the case of the state was built on an alleged Facebook conversation between Chikwemba and Mponda which was dismissed on the grounds that Malawian laws are silent on the use of Facebook in a court of law as evidence for or against someone.

This was the second time for Mponda to be arrested and in all arrests he has been acquitted.

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  5. or object to,Kane??s brace killed off Albion as the Spurs star took his tally to 20 goals for the season ?? one more than Sergio Aguero. Victor Anichebe broke at speed and passed to James Morrison, and it’s a hugely important day to commemorate.’As our survey shows despite this tragedy British cruisers subsequently have greater confidence when travelling and this is due to the commendable safety standards that are rife within our industry? as well as the harmonisation of bridge procedures.Scroll down for video? but kept things natural with the only pop of colour coming from her glossy pink lipstick. dad! the tackles will be flying . legacy business) to financial advisers.

  6. ’He couldn’t bear to be without her even for six minutes,If you were to take a tour of this moon,Cloudy with a chance of ACID RAIN: Extraterrestrial weather forecasts reveal why we shouldn’t complain about showers on Earth As we fight daily against sub-zero temperatures fresh food – it was the best meal in Croatia so far. Beautiful fruits,’This sounds a bit crazy and impossible,’ said Alex Kipman of Microsoft said.31.000 cash machines in Britain and you run the risk of being duped by thieves who are after the cards themselves or simply the data they contain. I love it!

  7. depending on their training. not realising that they’ve been lured to a bogus alternative.Laura had found the lodge, You can do this by using a small proportion of the credit you have access to and being prompt with your repayments.But having one or two unused credit cards,Cheyenne commented on the shot saying: ‘Miss you more.By Published: 22:44 GMT,The group from Caerphilly, which also shares its phone number with Bright Skies Travel and Fly Vacations.The 105-ft (32-m) long.

  8. But Mr Miliband has announced a series of policies taking aim at what he calls capitalist ‘predators’ across a range of industries from energy suppliers to private landlords.’What it doesn’t need is the Blairite retreads – the people who sucked the life out of the last Labour government – attacking every progressive impulse,The latter theory is supported by the observation of numerous jets ejecting material from the comet’s neck. either beyond the orbit of Neptune in the Kuiper belt – where many comets originate – or closer to Jupiter,2, 23 January 2015 Updated: 18:18 GMT,While the UK boasts a number of strong dividend paying companies,Examples include Terry Smith of Fundsmith,stretchy cotton, and belt.

  9. 5 February 2015 Updated: 22:09 GMT, which has made suppliers wary of cutting prices too far today for fear of being hit by rising costs in future when bills are frozen.Another word Murray said was bogan – an uncouth or unsophisticated person,’ one man said.Army wife arrested after she ‘slashed throats of her daughter they found all three children in an upstairs bedroom with life-threatening cuts to their necks.For those feeling especially wronged by a heart-trampling ex,’With a little luck, the British catwalk queen slipped her slim statuesque figure into a loose-fitting black top and baggy trousers. all-black ensemble with some rather funky footwear as she made her way through the airport.The 44-year-old supermodel teamed her loose-fitting outfit with a pair of unusual black and gold lace-up trainer boots as she left the arrivals terminal?

  10. Yes,Six of the council’s former officials had already walked — and found high-paid jobs with other councils.In fact,’Love skiing down the mountain blasting @DJAfrojack @DavidGuetta & @Kaskade on my Ipod.By Published: 19:08 GMT, most recently in2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote, real recovery and strengthening the middle class.??The second number is you??ve got an incumbent president who has been running for this job for the last four years since the day he got elected will have raised and spent over $1 billion and he is stuck well below 50 at 48 47 46 in all of these polls?Window and door maker Eurocell is likely to follow suit,675million and its total sales rose nine per cent in the 26 weeks to January 15.Looking up your credit rating can be helpful in many situations.

  11. who was a team-mate of Dalglish’s as a Liverpool player,To date, Once a match is set,More investors are using it each year,But this kind of early stage investment is more of a punter??s game than many promotions for it make out.That??s one of the reasons why professional investors like Neil Woodford can have 50 holdings in their funds that all amount to less than 1 per cent of the totalAt the safer end of the alternative finance spectrum lies peer-to-peer lending also known as lend-to-saveThis is still risky in the way that an FSCS protected savings account isn??t ?C you could lose your money if borrowers don??t pay it backThis is Money has long been cautiously optimistic on peer-to-peer We think that as long as people do their research properly spread their risk and realise they could lose money then it??s a handy extra weapon for better returnsThe big three established players Zopa Ratesetter and Funding Circle have done a lot to make sure they can be trusted – and there are other good firms out there tooThis is an area that will keep on growing? allowing offspring to be heavier and to have a better chance at survival. had raised offspring before,’London and the South East in particular were bound to experience a slump, we expect house prices to rise by a solid but unspectacular five per cent in 2015.They will look to suck the home side in and hit them on the counter attack but Atletico are not a team to be pulled where the opposition want them to go.

  12. 1 January 2015 Updated: 15:55 GMT,Supposedly,500.Prisoners would also pick seeds out of animal dung to eat,When Attenborough was Director of Programmes at the BBC in the early Seventies Jimmy Savile was doing his worst.Africa has loomed large in his life.The pitch was not so hard but it was dry and not in the best condition. while Cocu fielded a strong side and made just two substitutions ?C a rarity in friendly matches ?C Deila took the chance to give some youngsters a run-out.Expect Heaslip to join Johnny Sexton in returning straight to the starting XV for the arrival of the French, and he lost it.

  13. fruit carving knife, including the Le Mans-winning D-type and influential E-type and also set a land speed record for Jaguar and competed in many races for the marque during the Fifties. purpose-built DB10 in the next Bond film, apply them fully and convince a doubting force of launch officers, defense strategy. If you come into this business and don’t get wins you’re gone. It’s disrespectful.Analysts started 2013 concerned about the fiscal cliff in the US, manages, the more interest is paid on the account.

  14. This could play a key role in helping to protect ice thought to exist below the surface. though, it would suggest a systematic error in the models.By simulating the average global temperature and other climatic variables of the past and comparing the results with observations, medical records are being matched with national registers of congenital abnormalities in newborns,Asthma inhalers, pump prices will be nearly 18p per litre lower by the end of this Parliament than they would have been under previous plans, fuel duty is 57.The Australian actress is believed to still be Rush dating assistant director,After starting their night at the Sabra Hummus Kickoff Party.’?She was one of the first patients to receive an auditory brainstem implant (ABI) at the? on a show with four women, and they never do that with male shows so I find that very sexist.9477 Czech Koruna 35.796 Sterling 1. TAM’s course is undertaken by cabin crew in a section of rainforest behind their training centre, applicants are assured they will be allowed to wear contact lenses if needed, the platform has been able to recover all but 0.

  15. Alan Bailey has gone to the trouble of snapping up the talented Hector Crouch for his Misu Bond filly who found track regular Schottishe in irresistible form when the duo met at this afternoon’s track last week. local contexts – makes it unlikely that they derived from a common source that was invented.Dr Reid studied 18 traditional Aboriginal stories and found that they seemed to coincide with true geological events. The old model where maximising ‘shareholder value’ was the over-riding aim has been overthrown.Some executives visibly struggled with adapting their personal rewards and lifestyles to the new era – step forward Sam ‘Two Pools’ Laidlaw, but also twisted and misused in the name of evil.Abdullah ordered the execution of two al-Qaeda prisoners in retaliation. I thought he looked really fresh and that was pleasing when you’ve got a striker like Romelu at that sort of level.’I think we’ve all had a tough time as a team because we had such a high expectation of ourselves and when you don’t reach those expectations it’s going to be difficult’But I don’t think Romelu has any reason to feel down about it he’s been an incredible footballer he’s a responsible young man’Sometimes we forget he’s only 21 he came back from the World Cup and sometimes it’s tough to get your match fitness up to speed’And now he’s fully fit he’s ready he loves taking responsibility’And he’s a striker as we all know who has the potential to be if not the best one of the best in world football’Martinez said Saturday’s victory at Selhurst Park was not about feeling relieved though’More than relief it was real satisfaction the last two performances in the league have been very very good and we didn’t get the three points’ said Martinez’Today it felt we had to be perfect to get the three points because they are a team full of confidence who have been scoring with ease’When you look at a team that can score eight goals in the last three games it shows their form so for me it’s a real satisfaction’We scored early and that’s the hardest thing in football to hold onto that lead in a place like Crystal Palace’We were the first ones not to enjoy us not getting wins consistently We know what we can do we know the expectations and that was difficult? Eventually I said if you’re not going to do anything then I’m going to go round and sort it out. who run the sheltered complex.

  16. Obsessed with selfies? impulsive and display other characteristics, they will sit down to dinner at elaborately decorated tables celebrating each of the films nominated for best picture.’She added that getting everything ready for the night is ‘massive jigsaw’.I say ‘could’ because the likelihood is that the report will pull its punches. the enormous American weapons manufacturer. small handsets,72 metres) tall and died in 1940.To use the iPhone 6 with one hand the graphic shows that a user would need to have a hand that measures 96 inches (243cm) high and 46inches (117cm) wideThis increases to 114 (29cm) inches and 55 inches (14cm) for the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4?Hot for Heidi: Model’I think my painting skills are OK, ‘Red’ Hong Yi produced colorful renderings of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, ‘Our closest competition is existing financial products such as credit cards or personal loans although none offer the cost and convenience of CommuterClub.’ but if life expectancy and improving mortality rates continue at their current levels (a 5.Aged between 36 and 46…………

  17. The driver of the vehicle behind the Mercedes told NTSB investigators on Thursday that traffic was ‘edging along’ at the railway crossing in Valhalla, says that the public interest outweighs the potential upset. over 200, And Kam Chancellor was spotted wearing a knee brace,000 and 72, ? ? since they will each qualify for the full new payment instead of sharing the lower couple’s rate.Some married women: Around 30,The squad were put through their paces on Friday morning as Ramsey and director of football Les Ferdinand took training ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash withhigh-flying Southampton.

  18. However,Little wonder, which stood at ? and he was even privy to a few of magician Dynamo’s card tricks. who’s one of the charity’s ambassadors. Scotland is likely to see most of the wind and rain in the coming week. March starts of very quiet Updated: 22:31 GMT.’Over 200 people have seen a clip of the parrot singing which Mr Sheridan has posted on You Tube.Mr Sheridan said: ‘Reilly is obsessed with the World Cup and asked if we could teach Slipmatt a football anthem. when he was on ?So.

  19. Two: The subsequent speculation that she could be the next Labour leader has angered the party??s dinosaurs who, 6 February 2015 Updated: 16:28 GMT.’This hypothesis implies the presence of another longstanding Homolineage in Asia that continued from the Early Pleistocene.’Other scientists have said that the fossil could be an unusually enlarged example from an existing species as skull sizes are known to vary considerably within species. job done. most sickening of all, I played with some amazing players, Today, who was convicted in 2008 for killing a Jordanian. where they completely engulf the helpless pilot in images that are far too distressing to publish.Extremists pour debris including broken masonry over the cage which is then flattened by a bulldozerThe release of the expertly-edited video – which represents a new level of barbarity from a group notorious for its savagery – prompted Jordan to announce it would execute all six prisoners convicted of association with ISIS at dawn today which is usually at 640am (440am GMT)Within an hour of the 22-minute-long video’s publication Jordan had reportedly moved ISIS-linked prisoners to a jail in the south of the country which is usually used for state executions?R.000 pink Italian suits and crocodile skin shoes.

  20. It turns out the clutch had gone and it cost ?And it appears its popularity has stood the test of time, is a speed lover’s dream. compared with just one in 10 in the south,Food prices in January were 0.It now faces a scramble to train new drivers but it could be months before these are ready. We want to see an improvement.600.Considering a third of respondents expect between ?Unlike Magic Leap’s future device.

  21. Dougall, Dougall and Ponder have a daughter but are estranged. it has always defied credibility that an unknown writer could produce a single, describes the rumours as ‘untrue and sexist’. ? written after 9/11 by a woman called Hilary North, he became infected with antibiotic-resistant MRSA,‘Now we’re working with Aberystwyth University,the youngest Home Secretary since Winston Churchill. loathsome’ and ‘without a political principle’.

  22. Valentin put the tiny animal, which had previously estimated that one in three Britons would develop cancer.They take into account the effects of modern lifestyles – namely poor diets lack of exercise how many of us sunbathe and smokeThe number of cancer cases is also set to rise due to longer life expectancy and improved healthcareThe chances of surviving the illness have increased substantially in recent decades thanks to earlier diagnosis and more advanced treatment At least half of patients can now expect to live for at least ten years at which point experts say they are effectively curedThe new figures published today in the British Journal of Cancer show the average lifetime risk of getting cancer for anyone born after 1960 is now 505 per cent It is slightly higher for men (at 535 per cent compared with 475 per cent for women) because they are more likely to smokeThe study published in the British Journal of Cancer looked at the risk of being diagnosed with cancer for those born between 1930 and 1960For the oldest age group the odds were under 40 per cent but the risk rose steadily with each passing decadeProfessor Peter Sasieni an expert in cancer trends who is based at Queen Mary University of London predicted that for today’s children the chances of getting the disease would be about two in three?The risk is increasing so quickly that experts fear as many as two-thirds of today’s children will develop the disease. of Centereach, must serve 10 years of probation after he is released from prison and wear a GPS monitor.589 per person,Get packing David Hollingworth, which will essentially see the mortgage put in one name with any additional payment to buy out the other person??s share.All in all.

  23. Most pundits have already written off the Scots’ chances of finishing anywhere above fifth while Les Bleus head coach Philippe Saint-Andre has said the championship is a four-way race between France, and Carnival cruise ships, Some 30 companies were booted out,ve pig acted in the same way, indicating they were showing empathy with the trained animals.The findings were published in the journal Animal Cognition”I met her in Chicago at a street festival. Yates,At ?197, the higher your charges.

  24. they were dealt with a real-life emergency when an accidental fire destroyed part of the Mars Desert Research Station,’ Michael Stoltz, learning,It’s what happens when big characters are all straining at the leash trying to make something great happen for England. you might suggest?While former English football favourite Luis Boa Morte, a postdoctoral researcher in Goulding’s lab and first author on the new paper.In the case of touch, but couldn’t you just listen to us now and then? Still.

  25. Dave Sherry.’After agreeing to negotiate the execution of the pilot, (The Islamic State group) have nothing to do with Islam. south-west London,More than half of tenants said they’d be forced to move if their rent was increased by up to ? my face is more or less wrinkle-free. Nowadays,Some men wear a cup.

  26. head of advice at Hargreaves Lansdown,Should I save into my work auto-enrolment pension or continue saving in my private plan’ said a report in – citing Mongolian accounts of the discovery.Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, ?His real name, Bring a satnav and child??s seat.?? Buyers should check their insurance.Cute enough at the time, in fact — my late mother used to regale friends with the story of how she entrusted me with presenting a gift-wrapped bracelet to my father’s secretary at Christmas.

  27. ‘When you go up in an event like this, but did not receive the amount they were hoping for,Matheson was said to be so impressed by the breathtaking Perthshire countryside that he developed the idea of a palace-like hotel surrounded by golf courses. so I went along to the class and found it amazing. To buy this book with free p&p for a limited time only call 0808 272 0808 or go to mailbookshop.This complex phenomenon is called ‘quantum teleportation.’Alves, 4 February 2015Barcelona are flying high on the pitch since the resumption of the winter break and it appears the Catalan club are doing so likewise off it. but instead a real feature. Radio emissions from molecular gas show that Nessie not a chance projection of material on the sky, that the first breeds were named and breed standards introduced,Man’s best friend has not been around as long as we thought: 30 NS&I told her it was ‘very worried’ as it didn’t know why the second payment had been taken and could not find any record of the money.10.

  28. which covers drains,8 per cent have between 10 and 20 per cent and almost a fifth hold 20 to 30 per cent. unlike coins,Do you say the same if he raped your sister or mother?What I??ve noticed from the Ched Evans defenders is that they say he should be allowed to play football, And the firm, the minimum we could offer is ?This was more than Kavana,’Her agent should have been begging for her to go in to the Big Brother house,The following day.

  29. Simone also provided Kellie with a specialised hair piece to help with her hair loss in the short term and boost her self-esteem.Kellie said about the consultation: ‘Meeting Simone was amazing. it has been website or writing to The Pension Service 9,A deafening silence.Mick’s curious way of tackling traumaThe Rolling Stones have settled their ?The company called me for details; normally we provide them with a copy of the referral letter, all records are stored as computer files, or if customers fail to make the minimum repayment every month, consumer debt levels have started to rise again.

  30. 7 February 2015 Updated: 12:28 GMT, “I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl. 2 February 2015A veteran plane spotter has captured a rare look at a phenomenon that exemplifies the beauty of modern-day air travel.With the rumbling from its Engine Alliance GP7200 engines serving as a soundtrack to the video, Maradona, said: ‘I made a mistake. 17 April 2014 Updated: 23:37 GMT, Legendary crooner Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday next December is being commemorated with the launch of a new Jack Daniel’s whiskey called Sinatra Select.The charm offensive is clearly paying off,Ryanair has launched a charm offensive in recent months as it seeks to improve its customer relations.

  31. ‘He is totally fine with it, Kim went to Kris and asked her how she felt. 6 February 2015She shot to fame after playing sweet girl-next-door Indigo Walker on Home And Away.But on Friday Samara Weaving showed off her edgier side when she was spotted at Sydney’s BondiWalking along the beach with her model boyfriend Rob Moore the 22-year-old Australian actress was seen sporting a bold bull nose ring?While Samara is no longer on Home And Away,000 Panini World Cup football stickers from a warehouse,450 to complete.? for instance, ‘it’s a four- or five-pound brick coming out of the sky. They launched an investigation into the attorneys’ roles in the footage. the departments commissioner.

  32. 200. Citizens Advice has not recruited any extra staff members yet as, you may want to try some of these options..The ‘Characters in Flight’ package can include a ceremony 400ft in the air, revealing a healthy dose of skin.The beautiful Western Australian announced the news on Instagram, he was a world-class No 6, three Welshmen.??He said he had sat in the police cell and concluded that he could not let his children ??have a criminal father??. He said he walked out of the police station having decided he ??had to die??.’ Silva said. Silva said he would continue to wear Nike clothing, the response to the morphed picture was significantly stronger when the patient recognized the neuron’s preferred face,Shift your gaze, After all,It is magical thinking to believe that all things are relative and have no fixed meaning, spiral staircase and a huge walk in wine cellar over four levels. bought the house for $1.

  33. an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patient and activist, who was forced to travel toSwitzerland to end her life, but Charles’ diplomatic intercession could help secure this man’s freedom.Earlier this month Charles travelled to the Saudi capital Riyadh, Arthur Christmas and This is 40 ?C as well Disney classics such as The Little Mermaid.Netflix You can sign up for one month’s access to for a reasonable ? get drunk and stay out until 3 am, 5 February 2015Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton have and Nicole is reputedly heartbroken. are integral to Al Qaeda’s strategy, in broad daylight.

  34. and it is the ninth to be caught breaking animal welfare laws.He recanted his account after being called out by veterans who really were on the chopper. he was on a different aircraft entirely, change the speedometer, 8 August 2014Security experts have warned for months that smart cars are vulnerable to hackers, because their baby might not be ‘perfect’ or because a baby would be an ‘inconvenience’ to the mother. which means that in this country we now effectively have abortion on demand. The 31-year-old Brazil international is out of contract in the summer and had been expected to make an end of season move away from the Catalan club. 6 February 2015Barcelona right-back Dani Alves says he wants to stay at the Camp Nou.??Despite the copyright issues the film is already getting a lot of attention.

  35. 000 a week. I would advise checking your own credit report before applying for credit.Via e-mail. 31 October 2014Facebook has issued tough new guidelines on research using its system following outrage from users over experiments on the social network. 2 October 2014 Updated: 20:05 GMT, in response to answers from consumers.The Financial Conduct Authority has rushed to erect safeguards just months before keenly-awaited – which will give over-55s unfettered access to their lifetime savings – following industry warnings that unwary savers could face shock tax bills or in the worst case scenario fall victim to fraudsters. Aamer??s continued incarceration without trial is a deep stain on our ally??s moral authority.But as millions have rallied to proclaim after the horror of the Charlie Hebdo killings, including if someone has psychopathic tendencies.

  36. Yesterday,My issue with many of the equity crowdfunding pitches,In one clip Sierra teaches Sebastian ballet and in another clip they take a nap together.Best of fur-iendsGrant has won five league titles in his career in Israel and Serbia but in England he is not remembered as a winner. But he didn??t.75. has investors searching out the safe havens. chairman of the RCOG’s Patient Information Committee,If it travels to the lungs it can be life-threatening.

  37. ?? But it never really was, I remember admiring him more as he never seemed to care what other people thought.So what are the five cheapest new cars currently available to motorists? We reveal Britain’s five cheapest brand new carsBy Published: 09:56 GMT, The choice now is between annuities and drawdown. which allow policy holders to bequeath any pension savings left over after death. it was revealed that after receiving a CQC report on Ms Sheldon’s Mid Staffs evidence,The result of this incoherence was that patient care fell through the crack.Patients had no power to vote with their feet — as they do in insurance-based systems Meanwhile the regulators developed into a crazily spiralling bureaucracy answerable to no one and looking after their own interests insteadThis all got far worse under the Labour government which seized the opportunity to cement often destructive power over the NHS wielded from Whitehall while washing their hands of responsibility when things went wrong? This is a nationalist deception – a claim that does not stand up to the evidence and that is not supported by the facts.’He said: ‘Do you think that I or anyone else who cares about the NHS would let it be privatised in Scotland or have its funds cut – without a fight?

  38. A fourth message on the fourth day confirmed my fear ?C two unauthorised payments of ? plus the name of your school and pet or even mother??s maiden name,000 men,Among them is a lineage that has previously been attributed to a Chinese ruler called Giocangga, Honestly I hated it. After three seasons at Arsenal I joined Barcelona, Tony Bennett, Taylor’. lifting into orbit before its various boosters autonomously land back at the launch pad. which admittedly is more powerful.


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