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Chakwera lambasts confusing prophecies ahead of May 20 polls


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader, Lazarus Chakwera, yesterday found time to lambast contradicting prophecies that have been delivered ahead of the May 20 elections as to who will really carry the day.

So far, four men of god have come in the open to declare four different winners for the Presidential race of which one of them mentioned Chakwera as the one to carry the day.

However, speaking to the press yesterday after delivering his papers and making a tour of Blantyre city, Chakwera warned Malawians against listening to such men who claim to be from God while delivering messages that are not in according to God’s will.

Chakwera, a trained theologian and a man who has practised as a pastor for over twenty years sitting at the helm of the Malawi Assemblies of God as its President, said that some Prophets might even be from God but have been taken over by the current events and have decided to speak of their own accord and not that of God.

He further disclosed that some Prophet asked that he be his personal prophet but he turned the offer down on the grounds that prophecy is not made in private but in public.

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  1. This is the area that the big man is definitely very competent in. After 10 years of his leadership we shall be one moral nation. About other areas of development, I am not sure!!


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