Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader, Lazarus Chakwera, has settled for the Vice President of the party, Richard Msowoya, to partner with him in the May elections, FaceofMalawi understands.

According to the information we have obtained, Chakwera is set to unveil Msowoya to the public any day.

Chakwera, so far is the only one who has followed the party hierarchy in choosing his running mate as the others have settled for some other people within the party ranks.

It has further been said that Chakwera has settled for Msowoya so as to gain some votes from the Northern region where Msowoya comes from.

The UDF is the only party that has so far unveiled its running mate to its President, Atupele Muluzi.

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  1. This shows Rev Chakwera is a mature leader who respects commitment and loyalty. Why take the runningmate from outside the team? This is the best way to manage people. Why should a party president look outside when he was picked from within? I can understand Atupele because he came the outside.

  2. Good choice, the north has everything to play for, and will as always be the king maker. The south is heavily divided amongst DPP, PP and UDF parties.
    MCP campaign should concentrate in the North and Central regions, off course with some limited effort in the south. The problem with the south is that people vote on ethnic grounds, or what I would call, voting with their hearts instead of their heads. People in the north vote with their heads and this is why Chakufwa Chihana’s Afford party is a history in Malawi.
    The new Chakwera MCP has a better chance of winning this general election with few votes from the south, more votes in the central region and a moderate amount of votes in the north.
    My only hope is that this time around the whole Malawi nation will vote with their heads for the future of their children and not voting with their hearts i.e. on regional or ethnic grounds. We have suffered for far too long, enough is enough, we need clean politicians to run govt business and not waste time fighting, firing and arresting their rivals. How many people were fired after JB took over power and how much tax payers money is being wasted now paying compensation to those folks. Now if DPP come to power how many PP sympathizers will be fired and how much money will be paid in compensation? How can our nation develop in such a virtuous circle? It’s up to you fellow Malawians to break this circle.

  3. those who say chakwera will have a lion share from the centre will be inn for a shock am telling you.PP has gone so deep into the region,to the extent that he ,chakwera will not even do well in his constituency and neighbouring constiuencies.JBs housing scheme,agri imputs,fertilizer loan scheme,rural water projects ie pipe water at nsaru,nathenje,nambuma and the like,cheapest maize at admark plus other stragies .central region is for agriculture,therefore anyone delivering good prices and farm impurts is a hero to them.we from the center were not born with mcp inangobwera pa ife let alone chakwera.he was a president for the whole church but couldnt build a sinlge one in his home area,not even a single donated items were distributed there.munthu wo umira molakwa


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