Government, through its spokesperson who is also the minister of information, Brown Mpinganjira, has claimed that it knows at least two people who are funding the demonstrations that are slated for February 27.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Mpinganjira said that there was no reason why Malawians have to take the streets. He further indicated that there just were ulterior motives behind the demonstrations and such there were people who were funding the demonstrations.

Without mentioning the names of the people, Mpinganjira indicated that there is one person within the Malawi government and another who was a member of the diplomatic corp who are funding the demonstrations.

Some civil society organizations and activists operating under the banner of the grand coalition of civil society organizations have indicated that they will be staging a demonstration on Thursday, February 27, to pressure the government to, among other things, account for the proceeds of the Presidential jet.

Mpinganjira has, however, dismissed all those grounds for the staging of the demonstration and said that the aim was just to destabilize the country.

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  1. Mr Mpinganjira, you have been used by many presidents who they dumps you in the end. You don’t get it.
    If for any reasons you believe the west influence the NGOs. WHO ELSE WOULD? Have you managed the people of Malawi well? The answer is NO and who do you want to be at the side of poor Malawian masses when you and your fellow crooks cannot? It is fair to find a sympathiser outside your house if your house is full of hostilities and no need to blame them.
    If a family is in disputes the Reverend is called to help. These NGOs and the west are acting in that same capacity, so don’t blame them but rather when the next government curls you in at the last minute. Do yourself justice by telling the truth and not become top spinner.
    Have you not learned from the demise of Ntaba and Kaliati who’s only hoping for DPP to win again? If DPP don’t succeed you this time, NTABA, KALIATI, NYAKAMERA AND YOU, PLEASE SPEND TIME SWIMMING IN LAKE MALAWI, MUTUWEKO NANU PLEASE.

  2. Whether Mpinginjira or you call it government knows the funder/sponsor or not, ALL what I know is that the demo is grounded on real issues and it needs to be pursued—and I am part of that agenda!!!

  3. Its good that you know who is behind the demos, yes so what? Malawians want to know where the money is. If you think you will scare the the organizers it is a waist of time

  4. abale ndi alongo, abambo ndi amayi, please make sure you edit what you write otherwise you misrepresent what you communicate with poorly spelt words and grammatically challenged queen’s language. However, your comments spice news articles in this online paper. It’s actually worth appreciating.


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