While the government of Malawi is busy discouraging people from taking to the streets and telling them that they should wait for May 20 if they are not happy with the government and remove it through the ballot, the President of the Malawi Law Society (MLS) has urged Malawians to not relent but take to the streets tomorrow.

Posting on Facebook, the law society chair said that it was not only a right of Malawians that they take to the streets but as well it will be an affirmation of the fact that they are not happy with the trend of things.

Mambulasa indicated that the taking of Malawians to the streets goes beyond enjoying their human rights but is as well a way of telling off the government that has appeared to be taking Malawians for granted.

Among other grounds, the law society leader lamented the failure of the public services while the President is always busy on the road doing little things not befitting her office.

“Public services and goods are collapsing in our very eyes due to inadequate funding to government ministries and agencies, and yet the President is spending our money everyday on useless campaign trails across the country. She is not living by example,” he wrote.

The demonstrations are expected to take place tomorrow in Blantyre and are expected to start from Kanjedza Primary School ground to the CEO of Blantyre offices where a petition will be delivered.

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