Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Peter Mutharika, who had labeled as nonsense calls for him to give up and renounce his US green card or jeorpadise his chances of standing as a Presidential candidate for his party in the May tripartite elections has indicated that he decided to surrender his green card not because it was against the law to have one and stand as a Presidential candidate but because he wants Malawians to focus on real issues.

Mutharika who has also resigned as a Member of Parliament in readiness for the gruelling campaign and in obligation to the laws of the land said this at a media briefing that took place at his area 10 residence after he had surrendered his green card to the US embassy in the capital city.

Mutharika claimed that the ruling was using his green card as a diversion from such pertinent issues as the Cashgate scandal and it was his hope that after that act of his then those issues will be brought to the fore.

Whereas some Malawians, especially those in the diaspora, have condemned him claiming that he has set a wrong precedence, it appears those in the DPP camp have welcomed his idea with all glee.

Mutharika is set to submit his nomination papers this Monday at the trade fair grounds in Blantyre as set up by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

In 2009, James Nyondo, an alleged US green holder stood for the post of Presidency without any hustles.

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1 ndemanga

  1. This man continues to lie to the nation and expects us to clap hands. Isn’t he the one who told the nation that his card is actually red and was not an issue. His supporters quoted his educational qualifications and branded everyone else ignorant. Now he has renounced his green card! So it was true he was in America to fulfill the three months requirement. If he loses, he will quickly go back and reinstate it. What a crook. Shaa!


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