Reports indicate that the country’s President, Joyce Banda, through her party, the Peoples’ Party (PP), are targeting to sponsor Bullets FC as part of her campaign to buy the votes for herself and the party.

According to the information in our custody, the President has promised the team a sponsorship of MK 50 million funding for a year if the deal works out.

It is being alleged that a former executive member of the team who is now with the PP, Yusuf Matumula, is the one who is brokering the deal between the President and the peoples’ team.

Meanwhile, the new executive of the party that was elected into office yesterday has indicated that they are searching for sponsorship which, our source, has indicated that is that from the President which is most likely to come through the channel of her party.

Big Bullets once fell into the traps of a politician when the then President, Bakili Muluzi, took it on board but its romance did not live long as trouble started after a year of the sponsorship.

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