Reports indicate that Justice Esmy Chombo of the Lilongwe High Court who was forced to recuse herself out of the case in which ex-minister of Justice, Ralph Kasambara, is being accused of making an attempt at the life of Paul Mphwiyo had confessed to her church that she was under undue pressure from government to secure a conviction for Kasambara and co.

It was that confession that had eventually been used by the defense team as one of the grounds for them to elbow her out of the high profile case which, from it, saw the culminating of the Cashgate scandal.

According to reports, a sister to one of the defence lawyers was in the service in which the honourable judge had made her confession and, it was from there, that she reported to her brother.

When the matter was put before the honourable judge, she had no choice but to recuse herself from the case.

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1 ndemanga

  1. It is good to confess in Church nanga pamenepa tikanaziwa kuti Judge is working under duress. Why is govt interfering in this cashgate scam. Kalipokalipo. Mulungu akalemba walemba basi zaululika basi, why do you want to persecute Kasambara


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