A South African woman claims she was brutally attacked and had hot water thrown at her vagina. The 30-year-old said she was attacked by her 18-year-old nephew last Friday morning.

She told a South African paper, Daily Sun: “Before my ordeal, my nephew told the family on Thursday that he was promised wealth if he killed his whole family.”

“I thought he was joking but he shocked us the following day when he threw boiling water at my private parts.”

“My hopes of having my third child are shattered. I don’t think I will have sex anymore. My evil nephew destroyed my dreams.

“When I alerted my neighbours he ran away and I was rushed to hospital.

“Our child is involved in Satanic activities and has tattoos all over his body.

“On Monday I went to the police station but he followed me and asked me not to open a case against him. He promised to change his behaviour. I decided not to open the case.”

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