For most young men and women in this our beloved nation or the world at large, have a mentality that, charity works is meant for richer people and celebrities. Most of our youths are brain washed into thinking that such activities costs a fortune and are in fact worthless.

For Elliott Kamuntolo, a zomba based young man,  this mindset carries no weight.

 Kamuntolo works with  Emmanuel International; a reputable International Organization, as a Disaster Risk Management Officer, he has been close to the most venerable households in the 3 years that he has been working. This made him to choose to be among few Malawians young men and women that are involved in charity works.

In September 2013, Elliot donated 1,000 plastic tubes and tree seedlings to each of the 3 GVHs in the area of Traditional authority Chiwalo in Machinga.

“I went to Machinga to train VCPCs (Village civil Protection Committee), these are local structures that are trained to assist the communities in Disaster risk management. whilst there, I came across 3 VCPCs in TA Chiwalo, they impressed me before, during and after the training. I observed that the only possible block to this VCPC’s capacity was equipment that is needed to conduct DRM activities” he narrated.

He added that most NGOs that train this Committees do not assist them after the project phases out. it was with this set back that the young decided to jump in and assist with the little he has.

 “I do not have a lot, but I thought I could do something to assist with the small things that enhances change.

Mr. Shepard Jere is the Disaster Management officer at Machinga’s DC’s office and he hailed and thank the young man for assisting the VCPCs with the plastic tubes and seedlings of trees.

“as you know, most of the disasters that we are facing as a nation are due to the way people have stripped naked mother nature, trees have been cut down rampantly and this has put this nation at great risk. It is therefore a great development to see a young man taking a step to restore what we have lost” said Jere.

 He then asked other young men to learn from what Kamuntolo has done. Chairman of the VCPCs, Leston Katole described Kamuntolo as an Angel sent from heaven.

“my wish is that God continue to bless this young man and give him more prosperity as we are sure that more people will benefit from his success” added Katole.

He further said that the tree seedlings Kamuntolo donated were raised in a nursery from September and they were able to plant at the river to protect stream banks and
around the villages

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