The High Court in Lilongwe has ordered the Police  and the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to return the Motor Vehicle they seized from Caroline Savala.

Toyota Rav 4 was seized from Savala who is answering charges of theft and money laundering in relations to the plundering of public funds at Capitol Hill dubbed Cash gate.

DPP Bruno Kalemba argued that  the said car was bought with stolen money from government but the Judge Fiona Atupele Mwale rejected the claims.

The Judge also rejected the DPP argument that the motor vehicle  was used to commit theft in that, Savala ‘might’ have driven the stolen money in the car to deposit  in the bank account.

The Judge found the argument laughable as the DPP was not sure hence using the word ‘might’.

In disagreement to argument presented by DPP, Savala through her lawyer, Raphael Kasambara,  was emphatic that around August her car was undergoing repairs hence could not have been used to deposit money in her bank account .

Savala is being accused of siphoning money amounting to K87 million from government coffers through dubious contracts that never supplied anything to government.

The cash gate scandal came to light when Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo was shot.

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1 ndemanga

  1. The involvement of the British High Commissioner was a trick for diffusing the temperatures that were rising in the country. If anything our parliament failed us because the hiring should have been made by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee.


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