Villagers  in Traditional Authority (T/A) Nankumba in Mangochi are living in perpetual fear  as Crocodiles in Lake Malawi have gone on rampage attacking people and livestock in the area.

The latest attack happened on a 32-year-old Saizi Kandulu who according to the Group Village Matekwe, was attacked and killed on March 8 this year while doing his business along the shore.

He said the villagers contacted officials from the Department of Parks and Wildlife who came and killed one Crocodile.

“After the Crocodile was killed, the (Department of) Parks and Wildlife officials cut its stomach open, and   shame, they pulled out the deceased’s leg from it. It is very traumatic to the family and the rest of us”, he said.

The Chief claimed that Crocodiles are too hungry because they can no longer  find fish in the shallow waters.

He further said the Crocodiles have at least  killed 20 people, dogs, goats and cattle in the last three years.

When approached for comment Minister of Tourism Moses Kunkuyu said he needed to check with director of Parks and Wildlife.

According to the Chief, 8 villages have been affected.

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