Upon all the leaked nude pictures and sex-tapes, some ladies have still not learned any thing from them, the keep sending their nude pictures and videos to their so called lovers. Why even take them in the first place? Well,  a young Malawian lady decided to tease men with some sexy self-made video of herself but unfortunately the very private video of her was leaked online.

In the clip, the woman only identified as Mary, is seen setting up the camera and afterwards lies on the bed before doing some sexual moves. It lasts for 2 minutes and 5 seconds. At the end, she stands up and kisses the camera. A source said the ‘onesome’ has shot Mary to stardom as men in the town are queuing up to have a feel of what she had to offer. This has, however, not gone well with her boyfriend (name withheld), who is employed on the outskirts of the town.

The boyfriend (name withheld) only got to know of his girlfriend’s covert operation after the s*x tape leaked. A source said the video came to the fore after Mary showed it to one of her friends who in turn spread them like veld fire. “I guess she showed them to her friend to prove that she had indeed is thirsty to get some. Unfortunately the dear friend decided to forward it to her phone before sending the s*x tape to some people and obviously when it gets that far it becomes impossible to control it,” said the source.

The boyfriend reportedly received word from his colleagues that a video of her girlfriend doing sexual acts had littered the town like hot cakes. He demanded answers from Mary and she is said to have confessed to have captured the sordid scene on purpose for she supposedly wanted people to see how good she can perform in bed. You can watch the video here

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