Malawi Congress Party (MCP)’s running mate, Richard Msowoya, has maintained that ’there is no government’ in Malawi and has since refused to apologize over the remarks which he first made during the party’s press conference in Lilongwe.

Speaking to Capital Radio on Thursday in the radio’s Straight Talk program , Msowoya refused to bow down to pressure from ruling People’s Party officials who are demanding an apology from him over his remarks.

“I can not apologise for that, I have no regrets on that. I uttered that because the government is not serious with the running of national affairs. All these problems in the country clearly show there is no government” unshaken Msowoya said.

The MCP running mate went on to say that his remarks were not personal neither targeting anybody, but rather he was expressing his views on the current state of affairs.

Commenting on his take concerning legalising homosexuality in the country once voted into power, Msowoya declined to promise what to expect on the burning issue by saying the decision will entirely depend on the wish of Malawians.

” I believe in the decision of marriage, I believe in a man and a woman are supposed to be married. The decision is up to Malawians to decide the way forward and MCP will follow what people say” Msowoya said.

Recently, during a presidential debate conducted by Zodiak Broadcasting Station, all the four running mates featured on the programme ideologically refused to commit themselves on the controversial topic insisting the issue will be decided by Malawians through a referendum.

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