An activist, Habiba Osman has challenged the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to come forward and speak on the allegations of rigging claiming that the allegations have the potential of making the nation descend into chaos once the results are out.

In a Facebook post, Osman indicated that the silence of MEC on the issue is not a good thing especially now that a few days are left to the elections and the rumours are resurfacing with some people even indicating that trucks are coming into the country with already cast votes.

Recently there have been reports that President Banda’s Peoples’ Party (PP) intends to rig the elections and was bringing in already cast ballots vie road from South Africa.

The reports gathered momentum this afternoon when a truck alleged to be carrying the votes was stopped at the Mwanza border by a mob that threatened to break it to see for themselves.

However, when the truck was opened by Immigration officials there were no ballot boxes but MEC reflectors.

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