New Labour Party (NLP) Presidential candidate in the polls Friday Jumbe has conceded defeat before the counting of votes has even started.

Speaking in an interview after casting his ballot in his home district of Chiradzulu, Jumbe who once served as minister of finance in the United Democratic Front (UDF) under Bakili Muluzi indicated that he was less optimistic of pulling a surprise win in the elections.

“There is no need to contest the results when they are out and I urge my fellow opposition leaders to do the same once the results are out,” said Jumbe to a MBCtv journalist with a hidden message of indicating that it was the opposition that was going to be defeated in the polls.

The election has had lots of irregularities ranging from faces and names missing on ballot papers, election materials not being distributed to some centers as well as voters roll going missing.

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  1. If indeed this came from Jumbe then its really pathetic. He paid the 500,000 fee to MEC knowing that he cannot make it. If indeed these words came from you Mr. Jumbe, you are not fit to be our leader even in the next 20 years to come


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