The Peoples’ Party (PP) have chosen its ex-treasurer, Harry Mkandawire, to take over from Khumbo Kachali who has dumped the party and has subsequently joined his ex-party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In a release from the party, Mkandawire has taken over from Kachali with immediate effect. Mkandawire becomes the third unelected person to take over the regional Vice Presidency of the party after the Southern region went to Evangelist Brown Mpinganjira and the Center went to Uladi Mussa following the resignations of Sidik Mia and Cassim Chilumpha respectively.

Meanwhile, the party has as well appointed minister of foreign affairs, Henry Mganda Chiume, as its treasurer to fill in the vacancy created by Mkandawire’s promotion.

The PP has lost all its three elected Vice Presidents and is now in the hands of unelected officials appointed into the post by President Banda.

The party has since claimed that Kachali’s move does not in anyway bother them. This is despite the fact that the party has wailed that Kachali should be disqualified as an MP candidate in the May 20 elections.

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  1. Harry Mkandawire,inu a PP ndiye mwapala zedi. H.Mkandawire, anthu kumpoto samufuna mpang’ono pomwe chifukwa ali ndi mbiri yoipa zedi.Ndiwankhanza komanso wama deal zedi.Amatchuka ndi zambiri zotsakhala bwino.May be you could have chosen Rev Mzomera Ngwira ,but not Harry.PP apa nde mwalephera and your chances of winning elections next week is being deminished.The UNDECIDED VOTERS from the North now will vote for MCP and DPP.North doesn’t vote on their own,but they are factors that play alot to influence the voting pattern.The Voting influentual factors are like
    {1}Mafumu ie Inkosi ya Makosi ,Mbelwa;Chikulamayembe;Kyungu
    {2}Livingstonia CCAP for the North-they command good following of
    {3}Anthu ophunzira influence =amatha kutsiyanitsa a good leader from bad leader
    {4}How previous Presidents have treated 20July has
    negative impact on them ie.of DPP than any other party today
    {5}The only party that has given the Northern Region a Highest
    position of Vice president ie. MCP
    So these are the most important things these Parties should bear in mind and people too have to know this.PP should not smile/kunyadila too early thinking that they have the whole north in their side.Harry is detrimental to PP the way Khumbo is to DPP.Pa Harry pokhapo mwapala heavy.Sympathy voters will vote for MCP than PP and I bet you on this.I rest my case.


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