President Joyce Banda has called for fresh presidential elections in Malawi saying the recently held polls were conducted under gross irregularities by the Malawi Electoral Commission. Dr Banda has called for fresh presidential polls to be held in 90 days. The President quoted Section 88 (2) of the Constitution of Malawi.

  • “The President shall provide executive leadership in the interest of national unity in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic.”

The president made the statement at a press conference she held this morning. She also announced that she will not be running for office in the new presidential polls. Yesterday, Atupele Muluzi of the UDF called for the resignation of the MEC chair, Maxon Mbendera for what he described as the worst elections in the history of Malawi.

On Friday night, the Malawi Electoral Commission admitted that the number of votes in some polling centers exceeded the number of registered voters.

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