Exclusive information indicates that lands minister, Henry Phoya, is the man who is behind the interrogation of Vice President of the republic, Khumbo Kachali.

Kachali was arrested today for three and a half hours over his involvement in the Cashgate scandal in particular the Cashgate buses that are under the custody of the police in Lilongwe.

Information indicates that Phoya alerted the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) which quizzed Kachali this morning that he (the Vice President) is the one who owns the Cashgate buses.

It has further been revealed that apart from being linked to the Cashgate buses, Kachali was interrogated over bribing two police officers to not open a case against him. One of the two is the deputy police IG, Nelson Bophani, who is President Banda’s trusted police officer.

When asked if his arrest had anything to do with his endorsement of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Peter Mutharika, Kachali said that only Malawians were mandated to do that.

Kachali earlier in the week announced his resignation from the Peoples’ Party (PP) as its Vice-President for the Northern province and endorsed the DPP leader, Peter Mutharika.

From that time, Kachali has been involved in legal battles with his former party which is eventually disgruntled by his decision.

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