As drama to May 20 tripartite polls continue, Democratic Progressive party (DPP) has sued Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairman Maxon Mbendera with contempt of court.

 In an order granted at the High Court by Justice Potani, it lists Mbendera as the first contemnor and seven other commissioners as fellow contemnors in the contempt charges.

 The order says the applicants Friday Jumbe, Amosi Mailosi, David Kazinja and Allan Ngumuya have permission to start contempt of court charges against MEC.

 This comes just barely few hours after MEC announced that it will carry on with vote recounts.

 This is the first time to happen in Malawi

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  1. This contempt of court charge is a miscarriage of justice. Justice Mbendera is acting for national interest not personal interest. Do you want thieves to get into government using the court as a shield? We do not want the court to interfere with the operations of the MEC. In fact, if there is any Judge to be charged for contempt of court, it is Justice Potani. He is the most useless and corrupt judge in the High Court.

  2. I agree with you Jose! What other pseudo Judges like Justice Potani do is a mockery of the Judicial chambers! I wonder what integrity levels does one require to be a judge but this time we have professional-ethical decay in the Judiciary!!


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