Malawi Congress Party (MCP)Presidential torchbearer Dr Lazarus Chakwera yesterday said Poor leadership has made the country’s 50 years of independence to be meaningless.

He made the remarks at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre where the party held a campaign rally a head of May election.

Looking so confident with the crowds, Chakwera said it is time to vote for a leader who has people’s welfare at heart.

“Malawians it’s time to vote for a president who is development oriented; a leader who will change Malawians from beggars to hard-working and self-reliant people. MCP is the party with such leadership and it’s time to say enough is enough, vote MCP, vote Chakwera on May 20,” he said.

On Agriculture, Chakwera promised to scrap off the Fertilizer Subsidy and replace with Universal Fertilizer subsidy to allow all Malawians in the country to have access to cheaper fertilizer.

MCP is one of the fore-front runners in the forthcoming tripartite election

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