Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has vowed to challenge the outcome of the May 20 tripartite election once released before recount.

 MCP spokesperson Dr Jessie Kabwila said this in an interview Yesterday.

 In her speech, Kabwila wondered why it is only the Democratic Progressive Party DPP barring MEC from having a recount when United Democratic Front UDF, People’s Party PP and other players are supporting the move.

 She further blamed Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) for having a parallel tally centre which only sampled 800 centres and determining winner of the elections when there were over 7 million voters.

 “MESN should be embarrassed now with their fake findings, as DPP never won the elections but the rigged,” said Kabwila.

Although this is the case with MCP, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Maxon Mbendela Yesterday evening said results for May 20 will be released on Friday if the Court will not allow them to do recount.

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  1. Mcp kagweleni uko mudalephera mpikisano mumati mungalamule boma do u think only central region ingakuwiseni muzikhala ngati a ung’onong’ono tizagwira ntchito ndi boma aliuluse mawali kumtima kuli mbeeeeee inu ndima BP mwamba muwonda nazo bola musaphese anthu monga mudaphera Bwana kubwa mwalimu Bingu kyeleni udf yasogoleri opanda dyera kapena ova za anthu awo mayesa munali osogolera anthu mipingo nanga kusagonjaku mwayiwala bible oooh GOD will punish u people riots tomorrow. U better accept defeat Amen.


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