It never rains but pours on the ruling People’s Party (PP) under the leadership of President Joyce Banda.

Former Transport Minister  Sidik Mia has dragged the ruling People’s Party(PP) Acting Secretary General Paul Maulidi to court on the allegations that Mia was giving handouts to voters at one of the poling centers in Chikwawa.

Maulide made the allegations during a press conference convened by Malawi Electoral Commission at the main tally centre in Blantyre.

But MEC chairperson Maxon Mbendera asked Maulidi to provide enough evidence so that proper measures can be taken.

Upon getting the news, Mia blasted the the claims.

“I am a seasoned and matured politician. I know the rules of the game, how could I do such a stupid thing to jeopardize my image,”he said.

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