Kamuzu Stadium is the venue that has been chosen as the place where President Peter Mutharika’s inauguration ceremony will take place. It has been slated for this Monday.

Information indicates that after the swearing in of Mutharika today at the High Court chambers in Blantyre, Mutharika will be inaugurated on Monday in the country’s commercial capital where among other things he will be commissioned as the Commander-in-chief of the Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) and will observe a military parade mounted in his honour.

Mutharika is also expected to be handed over the symbolic Presidential sword by former President Joyce Banda.

Meanwhile it is not known the foreign dignitaries that will attend the event on Monday. Today’s swearing in ceremony seemed rushed as there were no other dignitaries.

The DPP has therefore indicated that Monday is another day on its calendar to celebrate the win of its Presidential candidate after trouncing other eleven candidates.

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  1. Put Malawi above all!

    Mr President:
    Quoting the classic mythology used in your recent speeches; about the Phoenix in the Arabian dessert, that rose from the ashes to live through another cycle, indeed you “Like the Phoenix” have politically risen from the seemingly impossible circumstances and emerged triumphant.

    My humble plea though is; for once in the democratic dispensation of Malawi politics, be the exception President. Bury down the hatchets and concentrate on the highly demanding job at hand. Extract Malawi from strangle hold of abject poverty that has refused to let go for decades.

    In digging the past, all of your predecessors have so far succeeded in only spending or wasting the Nation’s meagre resources on enriching top local and foreign lawyers at the expense of the ultra poor Malawians.

    The fact remains; politically motivated cases, some decades old; lingers on to date with no successful end in sight for successive Governments.

    Mr President; please set a different political tone and a progressive economic pace for Malawi as she embarks on the next 50 years. Let’s play “clean politics” as you often put it.

    To the nation, Is it every citizen’s duty to assist a political leadership of the time on the good efforts, and criticise ‘constructively’ on the wrongs that it may perpetuate.
    As such, let us unite behind the incumbent President; God the Almighty has provided us with at the moment.
    A President can never successfully run this country alone!

    We must put Malawi above everything and anyone else; if this country is to steadily progress and sustainably achieve -the much awaited- positive status it so deserves.

    Mulungu Dalitsani Malawi.


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