Prophet Austin Liabunya who insinuated earlier this week that God had changed His mind on Mutharika being the leader of the country has made a dramatic u-turn after seeing an earlier prophecy he made on the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) come to pass.

In 2012 Liabunya indicated that close to the elections the Vice President will defect from his party to join a political party that will eventually win the elections. This morning, it has been revealed that Khumbo Kachali who is the Vice President of the country has left the Peoples’ Party and is set to move to the DPP.

The news has stirred Liabunya who on Monday indicated that Mutharika will only get many Members of Parliament but not win the elections for disobeying God. Liabunya has come in today to claim that his prophecy has been fulfilled that the Vice President has left the PP and is said that he will be joining the DPP.

Meanwhile, Liabunya has gone further to indicate that throughout he has maintained his stance that the DPP will win and Mutharika will be the next leader. However, this is contradicting what he said a few days ago.

Liabunya has urged Malawians to pray for the elections. Malawi elections have had prophets making predictions over them throughout with Liabunya being the most controversial owing to his changing prophesies and his soft spot for the DPP.

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