As the battle on the way forward of the May 20 tripartite election wages on, Chiefs for Eastern Region on Thursday petitioned electoral stakeholders to resolve the current crisis on election with sober minds so that peace continues to prevail in the country

 About 15 Chiefs led by Chief Malemia of Zomba presented their petition to the registrar of the High Court of Malawi and Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal Joseph Chigona in Blantyre.

 Speaking in an interview before presenting the petition, Malemia said:“Chiefs are going to present petitions at High Court [registries] in all the regions. In the petitions, we are asking the Judiciary, political parties and all the other electoral stakeholders to ensure post-election peace.

 “They [stakeholders] need to stand up for the common good. As leaders of society, we feel compelled to take a leading role to ensure the country is not thrown into post-election chaos.”

 Meanwhile it is yet to been seen if the decision which will be made in Court today will meet the needs of the Chiefs and Malawians as a whole.

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