Ralph Kasambara SC wrote”
“This woman has goofed..There is no section 82(2) of the Constitution.Section 82 is about remuneration of President
and vice president.”

Meanwhile Joyce Banda has just spoken to Zodiak Radio to say the Section she wanted to cite was Section 88(2).


Ralph Kasambara SC
Someone is violating the
Constitution now.
Treason yayambika ya
Section 88 of Malawi
Constitution :
Responsibility of the
88.–(1) The President
shall be responsible for
the observance of the
provisions of this
Constitution by the
executive and shall, as
Head of State, defend
and uphold the
Constitution as the
supreme law of the
(2) The President shall
provide executive
leadership in the interest
of national unity in
accordance with this
Constitution and the
laws of the Republic.
(5) The President and
members of the Cabinet
shall not use their
respective offices for
personal gain or place
themselves in a situation
where their material
interests conflict with
the responsibilitie s and
duties of their offices.

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