A Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet operating under a pseudonym of Magede si Wandale Afrobarometer has urged the DPP led government not to give former President Joyce Banda some breathing space arguing that she has the capability and ability to destabilise the government.

In a Facebook post, the cadet that has been known to be privy to some secrets of the DPP has argued that President Banda orchestrated the fall of Bingu wa Mutharika by spreading propaganda against him to the west. It was later to happen that the late Mutharika would fall out with the west who are also the donors.

Magede argued that arresting Banda now would be good for the DPP government as led by Peter Mutharika which has the daunting task of putting Malawi back on track economically.

“Leave JB free at your own risk,” argued the post.

However, his remarks have received wide condemnation from some people who indicated that it would be wrong for the Mutharika government to arrest JB if she has committed no crimes simply because they are afraid of her.

“JB has the right to live as a human being and should not be detained,” commented another against the post.

Former President Joyce Banda has not been seeing eye-to-eye with President Mutharika and speculations have been that at any earliest chance the DPP will move in to have JB arrested.

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  1. Malawians must stop practising politics of vengeance. Joyce Banda is a Malawian and unless she committed a crime she should be left free.

  2. Do you have evidence that she is the one who made Bingu die? I for one dont agree with you. Bingu died becoz of not listening to others and not taking advises. He was arrogant I’m sorry to say but the facts remains as they are. He never listened to others. If Peter is a clever guy he should walk the talk not to waste our tax trying to arrest Joyce Banda. What a coward person he will look. What you should know is that everyone on earth has a different talent from the other person next to that one. So read the lines on the wall. Peter should treat very careful. You have already begun to tell the President lies and if he goes by that he will follow his brother sooner than he thought. Dziko limayanja lichero, ndiyeno lichero lake liti? Be careful. Muyeso umamuyesela nao mzako nawenso umadzauona. The president should go back two years ago and remember what he did before his brother’s fall.


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