Malawi Congress Party (MCP)Spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has described the move taken by United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi to accept a Cabinet post ‘as a threat to democracy’.

Kabwila made the remarks yesterday in Parliament when she was contributing to the National Address delivered  by President Mutharika last week.

“His [Muluzi’s] decision weakens the democratic fibre of the House. Democracy is about having a party that is in government and others in the opposition to balance the equation.

“We don’t know UDF’s stand now. Parties are known by where their members are seated, but now the UDF leader is sitting on the side of government [as a Cabinet minister],”lamented Kabwila.

Commenting on behalf of UDF, Lucius  Banda who is a new leader of the party in Parliament vehemently blasted the claims, saying UDF is alive and it still remain on the opposition.

Kabwila further blasted Mutharika for failing to walk the talk in the choosing of  Cabinet, saying he was practicing regionalism as most of his Cabinet Ministers are from the Southern region which is believed to be the stronghold of the party.

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