Exclusive information that FaceofMalawi has obtained has indicated that the United Democratic Front leader Atupele Muluzi will be joining the Mutharika cabinet that is set to be released any day within the week that has been started today.

According to a source within the corridors of power of the Democratic Progressive Party led government, the junior Muluzi will be joining the Mutharika cabinet as minister of energy and mining.

The source said that the ministerial position is going to Muluzi after the parties had agreed to enter into a partnership that will see them working together in and outside Parliament.

“The agreement had been that Muluzi be nominated for speaker but it was for fear of embarrassment that the gentleman agreement was reached that he be compensated with a ministerial post,” said the source.

The source further disclosed that some big wigs in the MCP will be compensated with diplomatic posts so that the agreement goes on smoothly.

Muluzi’s joining of the Mutharika government will not be the first time that the youthful politician is going into cabinet. Muluzi served in the cabinet of former President Joyce Banda before he quit after Uladi Mussa had castigated his father. He served as the minister of economic development.

Of late Muluzi has been seen warming up towards Mutharika.

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