Chairperson of Common Approach to Budgetary support (Cabs) Alexander Baum has disclosed that  the grouping will meet after the appointment of the new cabinet.

Baum said this in an interview with one of the local Media house  in the country.

“At the moment we are waiting to hear as to who will be in the cabinet.  The structure of the cabinet will highlight the priorities of the government which in turn points to areas where assistance could be channeled,” he said.

Baum said it was difficult to state their categorical position in the absence of a cabinet.

“Obviously there are issues that need to be addressed by the coming in of cabinet and it is from that basis that we have to wait,” he said.

He said they were still discussing with government based on key areas like the management of the economy.  Meanwhile, Malawians still await news of sustained donor relationships which they feel will enable government to serve the nation better.

A renowned local economist who did not want to be named said it would be too early to ascertain if donors will come any time soon.

He said donors are justified to wait for the cabinet to be put in place.

“The cabinet is the hub of government’s central division and consultative team, without which it becomes difficult to ascertain what will happen.

“It is imperative for the President to appoint a cabinet in the time soon so that we have a base from which stakeholders in the economy could channel issues,” he said.

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