Social commentators have faulted the u-turn made by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on its promise that it will subsidize iron sheets once in government.

The DPP in its campaign had indicated that it will subsidize iron sheets and cement so that Malawians can live in decent houses.

However, speaking after election, the Vice President who was also the running mate to the DPP candidate Saulos Chilima said that the party would only subsidize the things to the needy and not to the whole country.

The words of Chilima have attracted wrath from commentators who have labeled DPP as liars for cheating them on the deal so that they eventually get votes from them.

“DPP should not think we are fools. I hope they know well that there were other people before them,” said a concerned citizen on social media.

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  1. Let me not believe this! Bt if its true then evrything is over! I already planned to build state of the art and i mean it! Chonde dont lie plz!

  2. Mind you 5 years is not very far..during ur campain did you say you only subsidise to the needy people?..watchout!

  3. The DPP is a robber party. It stole the votes and also told lies that it would reduce galvanised roofsheets and cement once voted into power. Malawians must demonstrate against their change of mind.

  4. You are playing with fire. You have used us by getting our votes and now you say what? You are uncultured DPP. I thought you have changed for the best, nay but for the worst. How many things are you going to change by the end of the month which you promised that you will do for us once you are in power. Shame on you. How can you cheat us like that. Mwatigwiritsa ntchito ngati nkhwangwa ukamakwera mwamba umayinyamula ukatha ntchito kungoyiponya pansi basi zatha!!!!!!!!!!! Hey watch out. Malawians if this is true this is enough for the first demonstration. Where did they say they will subsidise to the needy. How are they going to differentiate the needy and the wealthy? Demo demo demo around the corner. That’s what you are calling for? Watch out!!!

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