Four Independent Members of Parliament in the Central region have joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP) increasing the number of MCP seats in the August house to 52.

MCP  Deputy Spokesperson Ezekiel Ching’oma confirmed of the development in an interview with one of the daily the papers  [Nation Newspaper].

“The four MPs officially wrote us expressing willingness to be part of our family and we have warmly welcomed them. Currently, we are conducting  caucuses together. We have also already allocated them seats in the National Assembly”, he was quoted.

The four MPs are; Collins John Fletcher  Kajawa of Lilongwe Mpenu Nkhoma Constituency, Peter Louis Chankhwantha of Lilongwe South West Constituency, Peter Dimba of Lilongwe South Constituency and Dr Elias Chakwera of Dowa Ngala Constituency.

Meanwhile number of independent MPs which was 52  continues to slide downward as day in day out these MPs defect either to the ruling Party of the Opposition political parties.





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