New finance minister, Goodall Gondwe, has told the nation that they should not just be thinking of donor aid but as well as think of utilizing the resources back home to fund themselves.

Gondwe’s remarks have sent shudders down the spines of some Malawians who had a feel of the Zero Deficit Budget when late President Bingu wa Mutharika was going towards the end of his reign.

Gondwe was speaking at the Mtunthama State Lodge after being sworn in as the only minister in the current cabinet of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which has Peter Mutharika at its helm.

Currently, Mutharika has only made a single ministerial appointment of Gondwe. Mutharika indicated that Gondwe’s appointment was due to the approaching budget session.

Malawi was already drafting a Zero Deficit Budget which it had just disguised with a new title called the No-Aid Budget after donor partners pulled out owing to the cashgate scandal.

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