Malawi Vice President Saulosi Klausi Chilima had distanced himself from the remarks hovering in the media that quoted him saying, President Mutharika’s wedding will be funded by well wishers.

Chilima said this in an interview with one of the daily papers.

“I don’t know where the well-wishers word is coming from because at my press conference last week, I clearly stated that the Mutharika and Maseko families will contribute towards the budget of the wedding,” said Chilima

He reiterated the earlier statement that the wedding is a private one and that no state resources – other than security- will be used during the ceremonies.

The budget for President Mutharika and Grace Maseko former Member of Parliament is about K38m.

The wedding will be officiated at St Michael and All Angels CCAP in Blantyre this coming Saturday and reception will be held at Ndata Farm in Thyolo district.

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  1. Mwagundika kunama basi , ntchito yanu Ndi kuphika nkhani basi . Ndinu anthu a mtundu wanji ??? Wakukaniranitu Saulosi Chilima yapa , and mutibwanji a chitera and mamita . Kufalitsa bodza basi .

  2. Chilima do not talk nonsense. You are not a relative to Mutharika therefore your involvement is not in a private capacity. Secondly, why are you changing what you already said about ‘wellwishers’? You said wellwishers to the two families. Please do not start having cold feet.


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