The olive branch Malawi leader Peter Mutharika offered to his predecessor Joyce Banda has eventually dropped off from his hands and now Banda must dance to the music.

Information FaceofMalawi has indicates that plans are there to have former President Joyce Banda arrested tomorrow at Chileka airport in Blantyre where the former leader is expected to leave for a holiday in the USA.

According to the information, the DPP led government intends to arrest the former head of state on her role in Cashgate.

The arrest is expected to be executed at the airport where Banda’s plane has to fly off at 8 am.

Among other things Banda is believed to have been the overarching person in the entire Cashgate scandal and will therefore be put on a house arrest pending the start of the cases.

Recent information which FaceofMalawi could not independently verify had indicated that Banda was planning to leave Malawi for good so that she could escape the long arm of the law.

However, in her travel plan, Banda had indicated that she would be away for a month where among others she would visit the US as well as Scotland.

It was said that Banda has interests in the mentioned countries which she obtained by illegal means. Banda was defeated in the election by rival Peter Mutharika. Mutharika at his inauguration indicated that he was willing to work with his predecessor and indicated shock that she had turned down the offer to be at the inauguration.

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  1. amangidwe basi.. kukhala mzimayi chisakhale chifukwa chomumvera nacho chisoni… ife tizikanda misonkho yathu atasakaza mopanda chisoni? mukamateni ine ndilibe naye chisoni mayi oyipa uyu

  2. & somebody got the vocals to say politics… when will malawians understand beyond a political thot? ngati ali ndi milandu amangidwe basi, maula sanamangire amphawi okha


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