Reports that FaceofMalawi has indicate that former Vice President Khumbo Kachali is poised to be the country’s second Vice President as a token of appreciation for the role he played in the endorsement of Peter Mutharika.

According to the information that we have gathered and is yet to be confirmed independently, Mutharika is as well set to have settled for Kachali as a second veep so that he consolidates power in the Northern region where it was the Peoples’ Party (PP) that gained most votes in the just ended tripartite elections.

However, some officials from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have indicated that it is not true that Kachali will be made second veep arguing that it is not possible to do that as that will strain the economy.

“We are not ready to do that, it will be a strain on our economy to do that. The DPP government want to practise austerity measures,” said the DPP source.

However the source that leaked the information indicated that the DPP will argue that for the sake of national development then Kachali has to be incorporated in the cabinet.

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  1. We do not need a second VP. All that we need is for DPP to carry out development work in all regions. If it will succeed in doing this, independents, MCP. PP and UDF’s representation in the Parliament would be a forgotten history. Bingu did this in 2004 and he suceeded in 2009

  2. Lawyers please advise. Can one serve as 2nd VP having already served as 1st VP? demotion???????????


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