A leaked tentative cabinet of President Peter Mutharika has indicated that it will be an inclusive cabinet that has gotten some faces from the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Democratic Front (UDF).

The tentative cabinet has been spreading on social media and this is how it stands:

1.Peter Mutharika: President of the Republic of Malawi, Head of State and Government, Commander in chief Army, police, Head of Civil service and overseer of Disasters

2.Saulos Chilima : Vice president of the Republic of Malawi, Minister of Labour, Coordinator for NGOs.

3. Callista Mutharika: Minister responsible for Maternal health, safe motherhood and HIV/AIDS

4. Goodall Gondwe: Minister of Finance

5. Thoko Banda: Minister of Foreign Affairs

6. Dr. Godffrey Chapola: Agriculture and Water Development

7 George Chaponda: Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

8. Richard Msowoya: Minister of Education

9.Dr. Jean Kalilani: Minister of Health and population

10. Henry Mussa: Minister of Local Govt and Rural Development

11. Patria Kaliati: Minister of Information and Civic Education

12. Khumbo Kachali: Minister of Industry and Trade

13. Yunus Mussa: Minister of Housing and Urban Development

14. Dr. Jessie Kabwila: Minister of Gender and Children Affairs

15. Daniel Liwimbi: Minister of Tourism

16 Vuwa Kaunda: Minister of Youth, Sports, Culture

17. Sidik Mia: Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development

18.Henry Phoya: Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

19. Aaron Sangala: Minister of Home Affairs and Defence

20. Kingsley Namakhwa: Deputy Minister of Education

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  1. If this leaked cabinet is as it is..it’s a big shame to see some faced appearing in it ….seems our leader have lost it in choosing ministers seems this recycling of ministers will never stop in our country it really sad that these that have been or will be recycled don’t go into government to help they go in for their personal benefits…..when the high office repeats the same mistakes that others made the public will slowly start loosing confidence in that particular government ….Malawi needs new things …

  2. Do you know that Callister is the one who sent your brother to his death. What are you paying her for? shame on you. This is your downfall. Think twice before you move forward. Your pick is illminded. You will pay dearly for all this mess you are trying to create. Ask openminded persons to tell you about that ministry. It failed becoz of her and what you are doing is suicidal for all Malawian women.

  3. Why can’t you choose a new team to help you build this country together? These recycled politicians are the ones who sent your brother to his early death. If you want the same go ahead. I wish you got a handful of those new politicians. You are not born a politician but you learn to be one. We need disciplined persons in these posts. Not Patricia with her loud mouth in the forthcoming cabinet! There are abled persons who can take Malawi to a higher place. This list is full of crooks

  4. We have seen new faces making it to the parliament and it will be wise if we need a disciplined parliament to ensure that these are given on merit.

  5. I think this is mature cabinet selection, there are many experienced people with skills as well.


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