Vocal Daud Suleman who was the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) tally center coordinator who sold Chakwera the dummy that elections have been rigged from him has been caught lying at the national tally center at COMESA hall in Blantyre today, FaceofMalawi can reveal.

Suleman earlier on told the nation that MCP had gotten 76 Members of Parliament in the just ended polls and therefore it was just unfathomable for the party to lose to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which had 49 MPs. However, when MEC released the results today Suleman was nowhere to have his figures resonating with those of MEC.

MEC has indicated that many constituency seats were obtained by independent candidates who got 52 seats with DPP trailing by 50 seats whereas the MCP got 48 seats. There is no record of 76 seats as the MCP tally center coordinator had made the MCP followers believe.

The exposition of Suleman who claimed that he was running a parallel tally center for the MCP in which the MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera had won the elections has invited critics to question if his claims that Chakwera had won the elections were true owing to his lying of the Parliamentary outcome.

MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera today shunned the inauguration of Mutharika in what has been widely said to be his anger with the Mutharika Presidency which Suleman made him believe was stolen from him.

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