Reports indicate that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) had plotted to have President Mutharika impeached in parliament for what they feel is a victory cheated out of them.

According to the reports, an alliance of the MCP, former ruling Peoples’ Party (PP) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) had been formed post-elections and had agreed that once MEC announces that Mutharika is the winner they should aim at using the Parliament to frustrate him and impeach him as they will be in a majority.

However, reports have indicated that the alliance and consequently the plans have fallen through as the UDF has pulled out of the alliance and has instead aligned itself to the DPP.

According to the reports that emerged last night, the UDF and the DPP in a deal that has been brokered by the founder of the UDF Bakili Muluzi it has been agreed that the DPP and the UDF should see to it that the UDF provides a speaker of the house who will be the current UDF leader Atupele Muluzi.

It has further been agreed that some of the UDF officials will be sent to diplomatic missions as a way of honoring their partnership.

At the inauguration of Peter Mutharika in Blantyre, the new Malawi leader and Bakili Muluzi had a heart chat than necessary for such an event a thing which commentators said was an indication of what was boiling underneath the pots of politics.

Atupele Muluzi made a dramatic turn from being Mutharika’s vocal accuser that he had stolen votes to congratulating him when Mec had announced that he had won the elections.

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  1. MCP was in power for 30 years. Let it be in opposition for 30 years as well so it can smell the coffee. When I was young at Chingoli primary school in mulanje( thank goodness Bingo and Peter went to the same primary school that I went to ) my mother was prevented from going to a clinic because she did not have a party card. What was worse was that who prevented us from getting medical care, was the young brother of a husband to my mother’ s sister. Same mother same father. Is this the party that we have to vote for? I doubt. The reason why McP did not get votes in the south was that MCP. was more evil than the devil himself.

  2. sometimes truth saves, i personally dont like politics of castigation! We have one mw and therefore serve it in totality! I love mw and its leaders!

  3. Mabodza ngati awa ndiwongobweretsa chidani. Bring stories that will spur development mindedness among Malawians and not lies that will only split the people further.
    God bless mother Malawi and keep it a land of peace.

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