While it may look like an achievement for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Richard Msowoya that he is now speaker of Parliament, the odds are that in the other Parliamentary seating Msowoya will not have the chance to be in the august house as an MP or even a speaker.

Experience in the Malawian setting indicates that the people who have served as Speakers or deputies in that right do not make it into the next parliament regardless of whatever they have done and however they have performed in the august house.

Except for Rodwell Munyenyembe who died in office and previous speaker Henry Chimunthu Banda who resigned from politics, most other speakers have fell face flat in elections.

Sam Mpasu, Esther Mcheka-Chilenje, Davies Katsonga and Louis Chimango are some of the former speakers who never saw the other parliament unless from an eye of a common citizen after they had failed in the elections.

It is yet to be seen if history will be reversed by Richard Msowoya.

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  1. It Was Believed In Malawi That The Party In Power Never Never Test Defeat.Is This History True Today?Msowoya May Reclaim His Position In 2019.Nothing Imposible In Politics.

  2. 1994, Mnyenyembe first speaker(AFORD). 1999 he didn’t make it on UDF ticket, Mpasu elected speaker then appointed minister towards the end of the term Katsonga took over. 2004 both Mpasu /Katsonga didn’t make it, Mnyenyembe won on an independent ticket, was reelected speaker died in office, Chimango took over. 2009 Chimango didn’t then Chimunthu elected became unpopular. Msowoya is not going to parliament 2019.

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