Director of Public Prosecution  (DPP)has disclosed that it has dropped treason charges leveled against Professor Author Peter Mutharika following his ascension to the high office.

The body disclosed further that it is consulting Attorney General(AG) if it is also possible to do the same with other members of the party.

In an interview yesterday, DPP Bruno Kalemba confirmed his office was reviewing the treason case against the DPP heavyweights and conceded technically that withdrawing the case was among the options.

On his part, AG Anthony Kamanga said, the sitting President was immune to prosecution as stated in Section 91(2) of the Constitution which says:

“No person holding the office of President shall be charged with any criminal offence in any court during his term of office”.

Said Kamanga: “I can only confirm that a sitting President has immunity. I am yet to consult with the DPP, but if he is saying he is reviewing the whole case, then that is a better approach as it was a conspiracy case”.

The 74-year-old brother of former president Bingu wa Mutharika was being accused of attempting to conceal his brother’s death in office two years ago in an attempt to prevent Joyce Banda- the then vice-president  from assuming power.

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