Malawi’s new president Peter Mutharika has reportedly said he won’t be attending the African Union (AU) summit slated for 26 and 27 July due to the economic hardships his country is going though.

According to reports, Mutharika’s office said the current economic situation the country had forced Mutharika to cancel his maiden international trip.

The 23rd AU summit is expected to be held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Mutharika was sworn in as president early this month following chaotic elections.

The 74-year-old leader has vowed to crack down on corruption after a multi-million-dollar graft scandal rocked his predecessor’s administration and led donors to suspend $150m in aid.

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  1. APM please do not exaggerate our poverty to the extent of refusing to fulfil international obligations. Malawi is a sovereign state and has international obligations. The best for you is to reduce the entourage but attend the meeting.


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