THERE was drama at the New Parliament Building in Lilongwe today where the swearing in ceremony for Members of Parliament was taking place when Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters descended on some members of Parliament and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters.

Information indicates that a scuffle ensued after the MCP supporters started chanting ‘boma! Boma!’ when their leader, Rev. Lazarus Chakwera, was to swear in as an MP.

The ruling party supporters of the DPP started mocking the opposition party supporters that claim that the election was stolen from them for claiming a government that was in the hands of them (the DPP). This did not go down well with the MCP supporters who wanted to start fighting with the DPP supporters but were stopped by the security.

However, after the event was over and the supporters met outside, the MCP supporters roughed up some of the DPP supporters who had been mocking them and a fight ensued.

Further to that, the MCP supporters attacked the Mulanje South DPP MP, Bon Winiko Kalindo, as well as the Independent MP for Blantyre City South Allan Ngumuya who obtained an injunction in the election imbroglio that ensued after polling.

It has been reported that Kalindo and Ngumuya’s cars were damaged in the process. Police had to come in to calm the situation.

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