British High Commissioner to Malawi has urged Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to review the current electoral laws to avoid further occurency  of irregularities that locked the May 20 tripartite election.

Michael Nevin made the appeal today in Lilongwe.

In his speech, Nevin said had it been that the current law was already reviewed in the past all the irregularities that locked the May 20 tripartite election could not have happened.

The May 20 tripartite election was marred by several irregularities leading to other political parties that took part to call for a re-count and others asking for resignation of MEC Chairperson Maxon Mbendera.






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  1. For sure we did not need the British High Commissioner to advise us of the need to change the electoral law. You cannot accept a situation in which the citizens become servants of the law instead of the law serving the citizens. Mutharika has become a president of Malawi through irregularities when everyone saw that the election was riddled by corruption and cheating. Just think of it-the DPP has released new traffic police uniforms to the police to thank the police for assisting them to mislead voters at polling centres.


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