Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) last night told off its spokesperson Jessie Kabwila indicating that she is not fit for the post of Speaker of Parliament.

At a caucus held yesterday where the party was to map the way forward on who should represent it on the position of Speaker of Parliament to be filled in today afternoon by a secret ballot of the Members of Parliament, the party agreed that it is the party Vice President Richard Msowoya who will represent it as candidate for the post of Speaker.

It was further agreed that all members of the party will rally behind Msowoya and vote for him. Msowoya, speaking to the local press, indicated that he had been chosen by the party to represent it and registered his willingness to represent the party in the Speaker contest.

Msowoya’s nomination has come as a huge blow to the spokesperson of the party, Jessie Kabwila, who had been tipped by many as the right candidate for the post of speaker.

A source indicated that owing to her being vocal and the MCP’s insistence that the DPP stole the vote from them, Kabwila was optimistic that the party would settle for her so that she gives the DPP a chase for their money.

Some gender activists had as well hinted that having Kabwila as a Speaker would not be a bad idea. However, with the decision of the MCP Kabwila stands no chance.

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  1. The speaker is supposed to be impartial, so it seems to me that it is silly to make the second highest member of MCP to contest for the position. Surely, that will hobble MCPs efforts in opposition?


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